Retaining the right Divorce Mediator is a serious matter. You should want to know if the Mediator has the qualifications, experience and professionalism necessary to help you dissolve your marriage fairly, effectively and efficiently. We do.

Carl F. Wand, Esq. is acknowledged as one of a few, select attorneys who pioneered divorce mediation on Long Island in the early 1990s. Mr. Wand literally “wrote the book” on Divorce Mediation in 1993 as a co-author. You can take comfort in knowing that Mr. Wand is a licensed, practicing attorney with more than forty years of experience as a matrimonial and family lawyer on Long Island. Read more here.

Once you are comfortable with our qualifications, you should want to know what sets us apart from other mediators, and that is where we really stand out as Long Island’s premiere Divorce Mediator. Mr. Wand has the talent and temperament necessary to create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to reaching a resolution fairly and legally. He helps couples remain calm, defuse tempers and overcome obstacles.

This talent is not something learned from a book or a workshop. It is innate and it is what truly sets Mr. Wand and his team of professionals apart from other Divorce Mediators.