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Choosing a Mediator

Ask These Four Questions Before Selecting a Divorce Mediator

If you want to divorce with dignity, Divorce Mediation may be right for you. However, the success of Divorce Mediation often depends upon the talent and effectiveness of the mediator. To complicate matters further, the range of professionals who serve as Divorce Mediators is varied and may include those not trained and/or experienced in matrimonial law such as (a) psychologists, psychotherapists and other health care professionals; (b) attorneys who dabble in matrimonial law and (c) non-practicing attorneys.

How do you evaluate the options and decide? We suggest you start by asking, and getting, straightforward answers to “The Four Questions” below.


1. “Are you an experienced, licensed Long Island matrimonial attorney in good standing?”

Mr. Wand has been practicing matrimonial law on Long Island for more than forty years. He has passed stringent educational requirements and the New York State bar exam, as well as taking continuing legal education courses. Mr. Wand is a member of the New York State and Suffolk County Bar Association, Matrimonial and Family Law committees.


2. “When we reach agreement, will you prepare all necessary legal documents and submit them to the court for us?”

As an experienced, practicing matrimonial attorney, Mr. Wand prepares all necessary legal documents and presents them to the court as part of his Divorce Mediation services. Contrast this with mediators who are not attorneys and/or do not have standing to appear in court or prepare an outline of the mediated agreement. The couple is then told they now need to retain separate counsel to prepare and submit the necessary legal documents. This adds more cost, takes more time and may re-open the mediated agreement.


3. “Is Divorce Mediation one of your core services?”

Mr. Wand pioneered the practice of Divorce Mediation on Long Island. He literally “wrote the book” on it in 1993 as a co-author. As a matrimonial attorney with over forty years of experience handling uncontested and contested divorces, Mr. Wand knows from recent, first-hand experience the issues couples need to address, and the decisions they need to make, during mediation. In addition, he has the temperament and patience needed to help couples stay focused, diffuse anger and reach a mutually beneficial agreement.


4. “Is Divorce Mediation right for me?”

If you are interested in resolving your matrimonial affairs in a fair and equitable manner, with the least amount of trauma to your children, you and your spouse, in the quickest way possible, with the least amount of legal cost, then divorce mediation is right for you.

If you are interested in speaking with us about your specific circumstances, please call us at 631.462.3434 or email us at legal@wandlaw.com to arrange a consultation.

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